JM Craft Works custom handmade boxes for VK Designs

Simply the perfect jewelry boxes!  JM Craft Works creates these beautiful, clean, simple and modern ring boxes for VK Designs. Notice that they are amazing proportions (not your typical brick sized ring box) and are designed with sleek & strong magnetic closers. We are completely smitten and so proud to have Jim create them!

This is what Jim says about these boxes and his designs:

“The walnut log you see in the first photo is from a tree cut down in our neighborhood years ago by the city.  I knew it was a black walnut and talked to the city forester about recycling it. He allowed me to collect most of the tree after they cut it down instead of it being hauled to the city dump.  Since most of the things I make are pretty small, it’s lasted for years.  I also visit two local recycling centers, Second Chance Building Materials and The Habitat for Humanity Restore, where I find a lot of the fine hardwoods I use in my work.  I have a specialty bandsaw & planer set up for reconditioning old used wood. Everything I sell is completely handmade by me from start to finish and I try to use as much recycled material as possible although I do sometimes have custom orders requiring purchased hardwoods from a local specialty hardwood supplier. “

We could not be happier with these beautiful boxes! The story and ethics behind the boxes pairs perfectly with the jewelry! Thank you Jim for your amazing work!