Keep hope, creativity & joy guiding us forward

I am sending love, strength and positivity to you and your families during this time. 

Focusing on faith, joy and compassion will carry us through this challenge.

If you have been dreaming on a design, I am happy to talk over your ideas. It is heartwarming to have a project to get excited about and to look forward to.

I love creating custom designs with ethically sourced materials especially with heirloom materials including any carat of gold, platinum, sapphires and diamonds. If you have pieces you do not wear, feel free to reach out to chat about using your materials. Sometimes the excess gold ends up covering all the costs of creating the new design.

I have been doing virtual video consultations and creating with clients from a distance (all over the world) for over 10 years and am very versed in the details of the process. 

Feel free to reach out via email, text or phone call. We can set up a call or video appointment. I can send sizers and any needed resources easily. I am happy to discuss any repairs or modifications you have been waiting on as well. I am here for you even if you would like to discuss another creative project or just connect as a compassionate human. 



VK Designs

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